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  • Will Joining Hurt My Grades?
    Our brothers create a culture of academic support among each other by providing assistance as well as project-based collaboration throughout many different majors at Tech. We have brothers from all six of Georgia Tech’s academic colleges who are happy to share experiences they have learned with any member of the organization. During pledgeship and membership, we promote that academics come first and the fraternity second.
  • Will I Be Able to Afford It?
    The cost of membership may seem intimidating to a young adult without a steady income; however, our finance team works with every member to establish payment plans when needed to allow every member to maximize their experience without having to undergo financial hardships. As a Fraternity, we accomplish more with our pooled financial resources than we could possibly do as individuals.
  • Will Joining Effect My Ability to Join Other Campus Organizations?
    Delta Sigma Phi requires involvement in other campus organizations, and many of its brothers are part of some of the biggest organizations on campus including SGA, Ski Club, GT Motorsports, etc. Campus Greek Life meetings are generally held on Wednesday nights, and as a result, few organizations plan their meetings in conflict with this time. Additionally, membership in Delta Sig provides skills and experience that are beneficial in leading and creating other organizations at Georgia Tech.
  • What If I'm Not "Frat"?
    Delta Sigma Phi seeks to enrich the college experience of its brothers by providing academic, social, and leadership opportunities that would not typically be available for students outside of our Fraternity. Our fraternity takes pride in the strengths of its individual members, and this yields a fraternity that is, by far, stronger than its individual members. When you join this brotherhood, we encourage you to be yourself and not change yourself to fit a particular mold. Our strength and pride is that we celebrate a diverse background in nationalities, personalities, interests, and perspectives that allow us to continue to grow throughout college.
  • What If My Family is Concerned About Me Joining?
    We encourage our members and potential members to discuss Greek Life with their families, as our organization values each of our members' personal lives. We prioritize hosting different events for families throughout the semester, including tailgates and holiday parties. Our member's parents would be more than willing to speak about the positive experience Delta Sigma Phi has had on their sons and answer any questions one may have.
  • Will I Be Hazed?
    As a Greek organization, we are certainly not oblivious to the stigmas and cultures that the word “fraternity” connotes due to various depictions and media. We are outright against any forms of hazing or similar practices during the new member process. While we sympathize for those whose experiences are less than ideal, the membership that Delta Sigma Phi offers, both here and across the country, focuses on the development of its new members to enable them to successfully enjoy the college experience and better prepare them for life post-graduation, as exemplified in our motto “Better Men, Better Lives.”

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